Welcome to Anabaptist Healthshare

This ministry was born out of a desire to serve and bless the Anabaptist community through health care sharing, and bill reduction.

Mission Statement

To provide a method for covering medical costs in an affordable manner.  To provide guidance in the use of medical providers to achieve desired results in both health and financial outcomes.

To assist churches in providing medical sharing amongst their members.

This is done through

  • Effective patient advocacy between AHS Members and Providers.
  • Direct negotiations and contracts with provider billing departments.
  • Assistance for Members in executing the financial status applications which Providers often use to determine medical billings.
  • Patient guidance as needed in navigating the total medical experience. This includes assisting Members in avoiding unnecessary treatments and costs and guidance in locating cost effective providers.
  • (Medical support through tele-medicine hotline.)
Anabaptist Healthshare

Organizational Structure

 Anabaptist Healthshare is a 501(c)(3) public charity;

 Anabaptist Healthshare is incorporated in Virginia as a domestic nonprofit corporation; and

 Anabaptist Healthshare is​​ recognized as a Health Care Sharing Ministry

by the U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services.